Created by Paul Sheehan
original music by Eithne Hannigan

mindful’s Artistic Director Maggie Shevlin recently completed her MSc in Mindful Based Stress Reduction at Bangor University and as part of a research project performed, in association with Enlightened Self Interest, PLURABELLES.

This is a dramatic evocation of the Woman in James Joyce’s work conveying the diverse facets of this ‘textual Woman’. Drawn from every area of Joyce’s writing by Joyce scholar Paul Sheehan, the words construct a portrait that shows her at all stages of her life so that she becomes Everywoman.

The woman’s single voice becomes the many voices in a poetic logic that interconnects with The River of Words.

This research project explored the contribution of poetry and poetic language to MBSR and MBCT courses.

The five performances ran to capacity houses at The KPH in Ladbroke Grove London. Maggie would like to thank all those who helped bring about the production, particularly Vince Power, The KPH management and our friend, writer, performer, producer and curator Simon Godley.


CHEATIN’ HEART     September 2021

Geraldine and Dan. Maura and Geraldine. Dan and Maura. Dan, Geraldine and Maura. Love triangle or vicious circle? A blast from the past – or not so past… Childhood rivalry and adult friendship meet when everyone least expects.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, Maggie Shevlin’s acclaimed play is brought to the stage. Watch, listen and hold on to your seats…

After a number of postponements hopefully Cheatin’ Heart will be touring regional venues in Ireland and the U.K. in September 2021 Check here for further information on venues and dates.


EVERYBODY’S TALKIN’ AT THEM… Belfast 1969 and it‘s all about to kick off. Students Carmel, Una, Roisin and Sheridan are making the most of student life in their own different ways.

In the meantime, their friends Tadhg and Denver, an unlikely twosome of  university drop outs whose families think they’re still studying are also making the most of their situation but just want their friends and girlfriends to keep quiet and let them get on with it.